Accepted papers

Accepted Main Track Papers

Paper Id Track                                                          Title
278349 Main track A Novel Method for Secured Transaction of Images and Text on Cloud
278359 Main track A Novel supervised multimodal search re-ranking technique  using image relevancy
278172 Main track A Software Defined Networking (SDN) Architecture for smart trashcan using IoT
278569 Main track Adaptive LASSO based data scoring model for Big Data
278339 Main track An approach to predict protein secondary structure using Deep Learning in Spark based Big Data computing framework
278332 Main track An Approach to QoS based On Demand Routing for Free Space Optical Networks
278805 Main track An Effective Big-Data and Blockchain [BD-BC] based decision support model for Sustainable Agriculture system
278186 Main track An Effective Intrusion Detection Algorithm for enhancing Big data Security in WSN
278803 Main track An Energy-Efficient Distributed Unequal Clustering Approach for Lifetime Maximization in Wireless Sensor Network
277635 Main track An Evolutionary Approach for  Enahancing Data Fishing Rate in Wireless Networks.
278808 Main track An SDN based strategy for Reliable Data Transmission in Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks.
277037 Main track Analysis and Detection of Brain Tumor Detection in MR Images using MKSVM Classifier with LDA
278333 Main track Anemia Screening In Pregnant Women By Using Vectneighbour Classification Algorithm
276891 Main track Application of Artificial Intelligence with Vector  Quantization for Image Compression
279079 Main track Call Detail Record Based Traffic Density Analysis Using Global K-Means Clustering
278345 Main track Comparison of SAW and WP Method in Determining the Feasibilityof Motorcycle Engineering Workshop for Competency Test of Vocational High School Student
278559 Main track Comparison Of Traditional Machine Learning And Deep Learning Approaches For Sentiment Analysis
279178 Main track Convolutional Neural Network Based Static Hand Gesture Recognition
278697 Main track Data Augmentation using Generative models for Credit Card Fraud Detection
277770 Main track Data security in the cloud via advanced and modified semantic data splitting
278347 Main track Design of Internal Model Controller based PID with Fractional Filter for a Nonlinear Process
279838 Main track Development of Manufacturing Distribution Plan Considering Quality Cost
278646 Main track Different Aspects of 5G Wireless Network – An Overview
278566 Main track Emoticons and their effects on Sentiment Analysis of Twitter data
278305 Main track Energy  Efficient  Weighted Test Pattern Generator Based Bist Architecture
278024 Main track Enhancing cooperative spectrum sensing in flying cell towers for disaster management using convolutional neural networks
278555 Main track Entity Resolution for Maintaining Electronic Medical Record Using Oyster
278039 Main track Evolutionary approach in localization using Tabu search algorithm for ultra wide band sensor network
278344 Main track Extended Optimization Procedures For Static List Based Task Scheduling Algorithms For HeDCS
278565 Main track Extreme Learning Machine and K-Means clustering for the improvement of link prediction in social networks using Analytic Hierarchy Process
278328 Main track Facial based Human Age Estimation using Deep Belief network.
278165 Main track Hybrid Ant-Fuzzy Approach for Data Clustering (AFC) in Distributed
278126 Main track Impregnable Data Transmission modus operandi via Images using Encryption Techniques
277748 Main track Improved UFHLSNN (IUFHLSNN) for Generalized Representation of Knowledge and its CPU Parallel Implementation using OpenMP
278629 Main track Improvise MapReduce Performance Using HRRN Algorithm
278342 Main track Indexing Documents With Reliable Indexing Techniques Using Apache Lucene In Hadoop
279183 Main track Intelligent Systems for Volumetric Feature Recognition from CAD Mesh Models
278249 Main track Investigation On The Error Performance Of Multihop Multibranch Df Relaying Cooperative Wireless Network
278455 Main track Keyword-Based Approach For Detecting Civil  Unrest Events From Online Social Media
278261 Main track Lifetime Improvement Of Wireless Sensor Networks Using Tree Based Routing Protocol
279911 Main track Low Power Arithmetic Circuit Design For Dct Applications
279206 Main track Mask R-CNN for instance segmentation of water bodies from Satellite image
278352 Main track Mathematical Theory of Evidence to Learning Preferences Diagnostic
278112 Main track Missing Data Handling by Mean Imputation Method and statistical analysis of Classification  Algorithm
277833 Main track Modified K- Nearest Neighbour Fuzzy Classifier Using Group Prototypes and Its Application To Skin Segmentation.
277576 Main track One Shot Learning Technique For Decision Support System In Military Applications
278343 Main track Optimal Feature Selection Based on Ant Lion for Chronic Kidney Disease Classification using Deep Learning Classifier
278348 Main track Pattern Extraction From Web Data using Web Intelligence Technique
277706 Main track Performance Analysis And Implementation Of Exponential Moving Average For Realtime Event Triggered Hazard Prevention System
278341 Main track Performance Analysis of Deep Learning and Machine Learning Algorithms on Diverse Varieties of Fruits and Vegetables Dataset
278818 Main track Posture recognition system for Assisted self-learning of yoga by Cognitive impaired older people for the prevention of Falls
277612 Main track Predicting Property Prices A Universal Model
278595 Main track Prediction of Customer Churn using Machine Learning
278711 Main track Privacy-Preserving Mining With Data Leakage Detection Using Fuzzy Based Expectation Maximization (Em)
278810 Main track Queue Size Estimation of Nodes in a Heterogeneous Ocean Network with Multiple Priority Traffic
278474 Main track Randomized Agent Based Model for Mobile Customer Retention Behaviour Prediction
278770 Main track Reinforcement based Heterogeneous Ensemble algorithm for Anomaly Detection in Streaming Environment
279096 Main track Resubmission Based Fault Tolerance Approach to Schedule Jobs in GRID Environment
278338 Main track Rice yield forecasting using Fuzzy Logic
278346 Main track Simple Additive Weighting Method for Measuring Village Head Performance
278774 Main track Societal Impact of Framework for Energy Efficient Clustering Algorithms in Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks
280149 Main track Socioeconomic Status Classification of Geographic Regions in Sri Lanka Through Anonymised Call Detail Records
276901 Main track Spectacular approach to improve Linearity & Gain in Low Noise Amplifiers in Wireless Receiver Applications using CAD tools
278188 Main track Speed Estimation and Detection of Moving Vehicles Based on Probabilistic Principal Component Analysis and New Digital Image Processing Approach
276854 Main track Sphinx Module for Specially Abled People
278591 Main track S-Transform Based Efficient Copy-move Forgery Detection Technique in Digital Images
278130 Main track Task Identification System For Elderly Paralysed Patients Using Electrooculography And Neural Networks

Accepted Workshop Track Papers

Paper Id Workshop Track                                                       Title
278703 Workshop on Big  Data and Society Gas Leakage Detection Device[GLDD] using  IoT with SMS Alert
278354 Workshop on Big  Data and Society Adaptive LASSO based data scoring model for Big Data
278335 Workshop on Big  Data and Society Internal Repeats Of Human Organs On Cloud
278329 Workshop on Big  Data and Society Bit coin Prediction and Time series Analysis
278323 Workshop on Big  Data and Society Smart Active Helmet
276746 Workshop on Big  Data and Society Movable barcode scanning system using IOT technologies (Industry automation and smart glasses)
279632 Workshop on the Analysis of Big Data Data and Image Encryption with Embedding a Character to GF(2m) Elliptic Curve Point using Public Key Cryptography for Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks
279344 Workshop on the Analysis of Big Data A Novel Image Steganography Model using LSB with Extended ASCII codes
279175 Workshop on the Analysis of Big Data Diabetes Risk Analysis using IoT and Machine Learning
278837 Workshop on the Analysis of Big Data A  Secure cloud Based Healthcare System Using Wireless Sensor Network
278667 Workshop on the Analysis of Big Data Hand Gesture Based Human-Computer Interaction using Arduino
278533 Workshop on the Analysis of Big Data AI Powered Analytics App for visualizing Accident-prone areas
278310 Workshop on the Analysis of Big Data Using Text Analysis and Information Retrieval Algorithm for Resume Classification
278296 Workshop on the Analysis of Big Data A Study on Zigbee Body Controlling System
278189 Workshop on the Analysis of Big Data An Effective Intrusion Detection Method for enhancing Big data Security in WSN
277820 Workshop on the Analysis of Big Data Crack Detection In Welded Images A Comprehensive Survey
277639 Workshop on the Analysis of Big Data Personalized TV Watching Behaviour Recommendations for Effective User Fingerprinting
276433 Workshop on the Analysis of Big Data Task Identification System For Elderly Paralysed Patients Using Electrooculography And Neural Networks